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Our Creation Story
An initiative under Createpreneur, Impact Labs helps young people co-create community projects and contribute in strengthening our civic and socio-economic fabric by engaging on topics that interest them. Impact Labs is developing projects in six neighbourhoods across Ottawa: Barrhaven, Kanata, Downtown, South Keys, Glebe, and Orleans. The Impact Labs program was born out of a need to access valuable tools, resources, develop future-proof skills, and gain relevant real-life experiences all-in-one place for young leaders, creators, innovators, changemakers, and trailblazers to apply within their own social impact initiatives. Our mindset is simple: Social Entrepreneurship Skills Shapes Better Leaders and Impact
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What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
The problem Createpreneur is trying to solve is the youth unemployment crisis in a segmented part of the population, namely: persons living with a form of learning difference.
How did you validate this problem in your community?
Anjali Ramburn, the founder of Createpreneur sits on the Youth Unemployment Subcommittee for Ottawa Youth Engagament Committee (OYEC). She learned that 13.1% of youth were unemployed, which is double the overall unemployment rate of Ottawa (Source: Insights Ottawa, 2019). As a passionate community builder and supporter of Neurodiversity as a competitive advantage in the workplace environment, she discovered that 62% of students will be unemployed a year after graduation (Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, 2019). Before the pandemic hit, Createpreneur had plans to conduct a city-wide survey, followed by a province-wide survey to gain a better understanding of the youth unemployment situation in Canada. We wanted to comprehend what intersectional and designed systemic barriers and gaps are young people facing.
What social purpose does your organization serve?
The social purpose behind Createpreneur is to foster human dignity in persons living with a form of invisible disability to feel a sense of belonging in society and to gain confidence in their own capabilities.
Impact Labs
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